Sunday, October 4, 2009


Can I be honest with you? Honestly...I am still angry that someone hacked into my email account, stole personal information, and changed all of my passwords so I could not get in. But honestly...I have to say that time marches on and I WILL get over this. Honestly...I have decided that I do not like not blogging. I like connecting with my bloggers, being encouraged, and having another "family." I like having comments on a daily basis. I also like being "real," SO I am breaking the blogging break and coming back.

Even if I am still angry/ guys said the KINDEST words on my last post and I am VERY APPRECIATIVE. I am thankful I have the support from you I am not hiding or running I am marching on and being REAL.

So the blogging break is over and I am back :)

Hope you had a great weekend!!!

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