Monday, October 5, 2009

Not Me Monday

GOOD morning sweet bloggers!!! Hope you are having a GREAT Monday!!! It's that time again...time to spread tell your dirty "interesting" laundry and be REAL today. MckMama is the mastermind behind this WONDERFUL idea and so I am participating today :) SO without furthur comes what I did not do this past week...

** I did not oversleep a majority of the week last week. Nope...I AlWAYS get up on time and have time to spare.

** I did not slide across my apartment floor when coming out of it this morning. NOPE not Me!!! I certainly did not do a little jig and stop in the half splits this morning...nope not ME!!! Oh and I did not laugh at myself either!

** I was not pissed ticked off that someone stole my account information through hotmail and sent out over 300+ emails to several people. I am, by the way, still ticked off about this whole incident.

** Microsoft did not make me even maddder when they said that they could only help me to close the account. I can not not, by the way, retrieve any information or contact lists at all. CAN I SAY...FRUSTRATING!!!

** I did not do a little happy dance on Saturday when a new allergy-free cookie recipe ended successfully! YAHOO is right :)

** I do not start each day watching the weather channel {on the 8s} since my (small town) news NEVER gets it right!

** I am not excited that the fall weather is showing its side in TX already...sure we don't have the changing leaves...but we have the cooler temps :)

Have a fantastic Monday!!!

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