Friday, October 2, 2009

Broken and Shattered

As you may already figured out, my email was hacked into Wednesday and has totally shattered my week. I am ANGRY and UPSET that someone would invade my personal email and do such a thing. The new problem is that they changed my security passwords so I can not even get into my email to get my contact list and shut it down. I am ANGRY that someone would do this. Plus the emails that some have been receiving are just plain strange and exp li cit(there are spaces so this does not show up as a search). I am ANGRY that people can see everything that is on my email. I had bank information, school information, pictures, documents, and most importantly...all of your email addresses on it.

SO if you would be so kind to click on the e-mail button on my complete profile page and e-mail me your e-mails...I would be very appreciative.

I have talked to several IT guys now and have come up with a few tips help you if this were to ever happen. I hope this never ever happens to you!

** Save your email addresses on your personal computer as well. Plus...a hard copy of them (say from a printout) is always helpful. I did not have a hard copy therefore I have to get them all again.

** If your email does get taken over, contact the company that is associated to your email immediately. You see...the hackers changed my security passwords as well so I still am trying to get this all sorted out.

** Put all of your troubles in writing. This covers the bases just in case.

** Change your passwords often. Sure it is convenient to be "remembered" on your computer, but changing them often helps cover you in case someone gets your password.

** If there was/is valuable information on your computer (say from the bank) and email gets hacked, contact the bank immediately and change those passwords as well.

** Expect phone calls. On Wednesday alone, I received 30+ phones calls and Thursday was the same. My poor parents have also received numerous calls as well.

One thing to remember is that if you are signed up to receive anything by an email, you will have to go back and put your new email in. SO for twitter, facebook, and all the sites that you get updates/ads/emails from...ALL of those have to be updated. I have to tell you in is a MAJOR pain and is just darn right frustrating!!!

Please excuse the lack of posts this week/weekend as I am still trying to work on damage control and coming to face the fact that this happened. For this reason, I have not wanted to turn on my computer that much. I feel violated and frustrated that someone so mean was able to turn my entire life upside down in a matter of moments. I am angry and frustrated and it will take me time to get back into the swing of things. So please bare with me if I do not post as much right now. I will eventually be back in the swing of things soon. Thank you for understanding!

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