Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The excuse department is closed...

I don't know about you, but I do not accept excuses very well at all. Good excuses are one thing...like a kiddo being sick, a family event you must attend, or your sick.

BUT bad excuses or the majority of what I hear in college is pathetic and I do not deal with them well. For instance, when you say you don't have time to come to a meeting since you want to sleep...I have NO sympathy! So get over it! I am taking WAY more hrs than you, tutoring, am in a service organization, the Managing Ed for our paper, am in Student Congress, and trying to have a wee bit of a life...all you can do is come to one meeting per week. It is the SAME time EVERY week and you know that.

Secondly...please do not try to tell me that your deathly ill with a virus when I saw you TWO HOURS AGO. It ain't gonna fly sweet guy!

Thirdly...get a darn planner or write your assignments down or put them in your phone or something. Sure the occasional slip up may be considered, but one every other day drives me up the wall and one day someone will hear about it!

So...if you don't already know...the excuse department is CLOSED for the evening!

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