Monday, September 21, 2009

Seriously people?!?!

MckMama wrote this post with a link to the news story that ran last night. I watched the entire story this morning and can you just say I am MADDER than a hornet's nest from the unsettling facts I found out about a few people who follow MckMama. I am angry/mad because I had no idea to what extent people would call MckMama names and throw her down...daily. I am ANGRY because people are nit-picking HER LIFE and criticizing EVERY thing she writes.

I am ANGRY that people personally attack MckMama and say NASTY things. Seriously...why should WE judge?! It is not our business to look beyond the blog and spread NASTY rumors. I truly think that it is up to Mckmama to decide what goes on her blog. I believe some people are just MEAN and telling MckMama that she exploits her children among other WRONG. What in the world are some people thinking?! It amazes me at the lengths people would go to shoot down MckMama and her family.

Well I am here to tell you that MckMama, considered by me, is a friend and I will NEVER EVER shoot her down or say an ugly word about her. Shame on those who personally attack her or dig up dirt!

MckMama...I have your back!!!

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