Monday, September 21, 2009

Not Me Monday

Monday...seriously?! The weekend just seemed to have flown by! Oh well...such is life and the best part of my Monday is not the Not Me Mondays! Seriously...MckMama ROCKS my world! NMM is up and running at her blog check it out...when you have a chance. what you all is my NMM list...

** I did not eat a bunch of popsicles this weekend as I was not sick with the stomach crud. Nope not me!

** I do not feel much better today aside from a migraine that is on my shoulders today.

** I am not excited about meeting my observation Principle and Kindergarten this afternoon. Nope...not me!

** I do not publish and then edit my posts if I find a mistake.

** I do not love that all the fall shows are coming back on...YAY!!! there ya have it...a quick post! Have a fantastic Monday!!!

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