Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thankful Thursday

This week...has been...INTERESTING!!! It seems that all my time is spent going to class and doing homework. I even spent five, yes FIVE hours, in the library on Wednesday night. Junior year is definitely showing me who is boss though! So anyways...I have decided to be thankful for the blessings/abilities in my life!

** I am ever so thankful for my family who support and encourage me!

** I am thankful for my friends who let me vent, rant, talk out things, or check in with me.

** I am thankful for the ability to turn my phone on silent and to just put my feet up.

** I am thankful for the ability to hear, speak, smell, taste, and touch!

** I am thankful to have the ability to be at a wonderful University.

** I am thankful for positive encouragement.

** I am thankful to have all that I have :) there ya have it! A list to be thankful for. You can play along by linking your list to mine or just leave your comments in the comment section.

Happy Thursday!!!

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