Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Ummm...okay I will admit I am posting this lovely Thursday tradition on Wednesday night, but frankly I don't know when I will have time on the actual day :o So here comes the list...

** I am thankful for Debi who created this lovely button for me. Thanks Debi!

** I am thankful for Heavenly & Virtual hugs.

** I am thankful that I am supported by my sweet friends and family.

** I am thankful I am a child of God!!!

** I am so thankful that HE forgives daily :)

** I am thankful for everything that I have!!!

** I am thankful for my momma who lets me vent on a daily basis too :) can either link up your blog or leave your Thankful Comments in the comment section...your choice.

Have a blessed Thursday!!!

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