Friday, September 11, 2009

I ant crazy after all...

Some of you may be wondering why my ain't is not spelled correctly and the truth of the matter is that I have my apartment...oh joy! It started a few weeks ago by a few here and there but this week...I have been seeing more and more. They start around my bathroom sink and up my shower walls...then tonight (yuck) they were in my closet & on some of my clothes.

Now I have been going crazy itching the last few days, here and there, and tonight I found ants...on my workout clothes...that I workout in. I am so glad I have not been going crazy thinking something was crawling on me. I am pretty much CLUELESS on what to do. I called my apartment and someone is coming to spray Monday...but having ants ant cool!

So I am asking you...what do you use to spray or spread in your home to get rid of pesky ants that do not belong?! I am open to all suggestions and welcome them all :) I am just glad I have not been going crazy seeing ants :o

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