Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Can I admit that I am tired?! WELL...I just did :o Hope you are having a less-stressed week! Also-I do plan to get a button done soon, but school has kindof hit me in the face this week, so I will be enlisting in a little help soon :) Now onto THE LIST of Thankful things...

** I am ever so thankful for my support system{friends and family} who love and encourage on me each and every day. This week has been a toughy...but I really have appreciated all the love, support, and encouragement.

** I am ever so thankful for those who email, tweet, or comment each day. Each comment, in whatever fashion, means so much to me! THANK YOU!!!

** I am ever so thankful for planners. This may sound a little silly but I am a schedule type of person and having my planner to keep me organized is well worth it :)

** I am ever so thankful for relaxation and time off when I get it. On Wednesday evening, I turned my phone on silent, put my feet up after I worked out, and read a magazine. I needed that!

** I am ever so thankful that I am actually enjoying working out. I used to dislike it every bit...but now I feel better and even look better too.

So there you have it...a Thankful Thursday list! If you want to participate, just add your link to MckLinky or even put your list in the comment don't have to participate.

Have a wonderful Thursday!!!

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