Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday

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Thursday already? Seriously! Where does time go? Can't believe the fourth is this weekend...seriously! Ok, enough babble, time for the Thankful Thursday list, so here ya go!

I am very thankful for my momma! She has helped me so much this past week as I was sick. Gotta love your momma! Seriously...I am extremely grateful for this woman, who I love and adore each and every day. Oh and the fact that she reminded me to eat with my medicine is also a plus too. Love you momma!

Rest & Relaxation: This past week has been spent in bed or in a chair...literally. The VBS-bug surely hit me full force, but the R&R sure does help big time.

My nebulizer machine...I am so serious on this one. Every four hours, day or night, it has been by my side and I am extremely THANKFUL for this blessed invention.

The prayers and love I have received on this blog. I am extremely THANKFUL and appreciative of each and every comment I receive. My fellow bloggers are AMAZING men & women who I have come to love and adore.

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