Sunday, July 5, 2009

Because it's special

This morning, I attended my church service and sat with the Children's minister's wife. We served communion together, went to the parking lot dedication together, and then went to the church pot-luck lunch together and sat together. As we were chatting away, she asked me if I had ever found a church that I liked in collegetown. I replied "no" and started to give the reasons why. My reasons included the people, the church environment, and a few other factors. I said that my hometown church will always be my one and only church and that there is not any other one that could top it. She agreed and said that this church "is special."

I know that there are several great churches out there with amazing ministries as well. But, I have grown up in this church, made some amazing friends, and have found strength in times of need. My church, in my hometown area, will always be SPECIAL and I LOVE that factor.

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