Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday & a few other things

Top 5:

** Being able to say that God is my Heavenly Father

** Being able to say I have a great support group

** Being able to say that dad's party on Saturday will be a BLAST

** Being able to say that I have friends who are there to listen

** Being able to say that I am letting things go :)*********************************************************

Now onto the other things. Tuesday night I had a class where this professor repeatedly picked on me and told me I "needed work" and was "color blind" because I could not see the streaks of color that I used. The tears flowed with those comments and I am at my wits with her. I feel that because I have an IEP for my Dyslexia and Dysgraphia she feels the need to give me more attention, but this is in a NEGATIVE way. Even the classmates around me feel she is being too harsh. I have tried to be nice and just deep breath, but when you tell me I am "stupid," what do you expect me to do? This professor is making me second guess myself and making me feel absolutely horrible about myself. Granted, I have dyslexia and may not understand everything, but give me a break. She is going way too far!

Oh yea and on Tuesday, she told the class, here are some assignments (9) to do over Spring Break! Hello, is SB not supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable? I will be taking the assignments home to work on with my mom, who has art talent. I am not mad that I have Dyslexia or Dysgraphia because they are just a natural part of me that will never go away, but I am mad at this professor who is taking her way with me way too far. If you could please pray for me over the next few weeks that this situation does get better sooner than later...please. I am at my wits end with this professor and your prayers, I am hoping, will help pacify this situation a little.


Monday I spent 2 hours at the police department. My tailgate on my truck was stole. Meaning that someone at night, took the entire back piece off my truck. I filed a police report and just frustrated with the whole situation. Not the best way to start off my Monday at all people.


This week has been one of the toughest of all during my college career. I am so ready for Friday's classes (4) to be over with and for me to go home for 9 days. I am so ready to sleep in my own bed at home. I am so ready to see my family. I am so ready for dad's big birthday bash on Saturday with over 100+ people. I am so ready to be home. I am sorry if this is a debby downer a little, but this is my life and I am laying it out for ya. Hope you are having a MUCH better week than me as well!

Have a great Thursday!!!!


Suzanne said...

I remember my days as a student and I feel for you, hang in there remember you are surrounded with loving family and friends and that God is in charge! Happy Thursday to you!

Julie said...

Oh Elyse! That's horrible! First of there someone you can talk to about the professor? I had a teacher like that in H.S. & it effected me in college...I refused to participate in discussions out of fear of looking stupid. I wish I would have done something then or at least said something to my parents. No teacher has a right to treat you like that.

I am praying that tomorrow flies by so your SB can start soon! You need a break! Hope you have a fantastic one!!

Rachel said...

Hang in there.
I know what it's like to have issues with professors... maybe pray for her too and ask God to open her eyes?

I'm sure you will have a great time at your dad's party - just keep looking forward to it!

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

What an insensitive professor. I'm sorry she said those hurtful things to you.
Have a great time at home, Elyse! I was such a homebody when I was in college. I lived for coming home!
Have a great time at your dad's party! :)

Nicole O'Dell said...

UGH! I'm so mad at your teacher. That's a disgrace to the profession! I wish I could help you...if you need any art help, maybe Wil could lend a hand. I could edit papers for you if you need a second pair of eyes.

Hang in there sweetie, you're doing an awesome job! And, you DO have soooo much to be thankful for!

Happy Thanksgiving Thursday!

Beth E. said...

Can you report this teacher? I mean, if you have an IEP, don't they have to follow certain guidelines? I can't believe those things were said to you! I would definitely report it.

I'm so sorry you had your tailgate stolen. Sheesh! Where was campus security?

Praying you will have a wonderful SB and that you will return to school refreshed and rested!

Love you girl!

Kelsey said...

Just wanted you to know that I read this post this morning and I've been praying for you today!

Nikki said...

Oh Elyse,

I am so sorry to hear that you had to go through this mess with your professor. I dealt with a similar situation last semester (in the art department also) and it was so frustrating. I'm also sorry to hear that the tailgate of your truck was taken. I hope your Spring Break ends up being just the right mixture of family and rest so you'll be ready to head back and finish up the semester strong. Hang in there!

McCrakensx4 said...

I am sorry that the prof made you feel that way. That is terrible and she has no right to do that. Praying that things get better sweet girl. don't worry about over spring break, relax and enjoy yourself!