Monday, January 19, 2009

Note to self...and anyone who will read it :)

REMEMBER Not to get upset or frustrated before bed. If you do, you could have a side effect of insomnia! Please try to not get frustrated/upset at least an hour before bed, since you are now facing the consequences!!! [of the wireless Internet troubles]

So to recap, try to relax and get some sleep during the night! DO NOT GET mad/frustrated an hour before bed!

Now this is a new rule in my life :)


jag said...

I tell ya' what... This is a wise, but tricky bit of advice. It's one you seem to hear often when you're newly wed. Our minister even did a sermen on this. My husband keeps crazy hours due to work. I remember that after that particular sermen I thought that perhaps this rule wouldn't apply to me, because, my husband gets home so late that I might only have an hour to be mad at him before it was tomorrow, and sometimes an hour just isn't enough. However, on days when he gets home in the wee hours of morning, I get to be mad at him for a whole day! Of course, I'm being silly here. Good advice. I appreciate the reminder.

Julie said...

Good rule! Since I always have a trouble falling asleep I can probably come up with a few more for ya! :)

Rachael said...

that does make it difficult to sleep...i find praying really helps when i cannot fall asleep! that and reading :) hope you were able to get some rest!

Hollie said...

ha...I second that!

Deanna said...

Such a great rule...and it's one I try to find too!! It really impairs my sleep when I go to bed upset!!!

Beth E. said...

Yes, that's a good rule. Also, don't lie in bed worrying about all the things you have to do the next day...Keep a notepad by your bed. Make a list and then you can rest!

Hope you get some better rest tonight. :o)