Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Being normal for a few minutes

Most of you know that I have several food allergies. Well tonight it was cold outside so I thought I would do a little experimenting. I baked an acorn squash as noted on the directions, then took out the good pulp and put it in the food processor. Then I added some sour cream and shredded cheese. Pulsed it all up and it was sure creamy. Warmed it up a little and melted cheese on top. Was it yummy or what!

This "soup" allowed me to be normal for a few minutes. Most canned soups have soy or wheat or a by product of the two in them. Yes it is frustrating, but I made something that I found out that I like. I just wanted to share my findings and encourage you all to experiment with the foods you eat. They may surprise you. This soup is something that I will be able to enjoy for a long time and all it took was experimentation.

I do not feel sorry for myself and the allergies I have. I embrace it and find new ways to eat and enjoy food. My life may be a little more chaotic and I may spend LOTS of time explaining myself to people, but it is all good. No reason sweating the small stuff :)

Thanks for reading!!!!


Liz said...

oooooo...that soups sounds yummy...I might just have to try that myself!!

The Blankenship Family said...

That soup sounds wonderful. By the way, where did you get your blog layout? It is so cute. I am just experimenting right now. Also, how did you get the "I'm following Him" and "About Me" tags on the right to match? Very cool indeed! Take care, Robin

Harris Boys said...

that sounds yummy :) sorry you have to deal with all that at such a young age. you deal with it very well and I admire you for that.

The Microblogologist said...

I really need to adopt your attitude about my food issues! I'm getting better about not being upset about it and like you have been experimenting with foods. I wish it were a little more predictable for me, my issues are the kind that I can eat something fine one day and the next time be sick. Oh well, it could be SO much worse. My boss's little boy has a ton of food allergies (soy is one), when I am getting discouraged I often think of him and remind myself that at least I had over 20 years of being able to eat without worry, he has to be aware of pretty much everything he eats and he is a happy little boy, helps put everything into proper perspective =).