Friday, August 2, 2013

Incomplete work in progress

Last night, as I was fighting insomnia, I had a thought that hit me harder than when I would have been asleep. A thought that I have been processing all day.

As people, we live our personal lives day in and out. We start as babies, not knowing what we know now, and work our way into an adult world. A world that has no road map nor a written plan for what we will be. A world that can be harsh and unfair. A world that doesn't always make sense. 

As adults, we are supposed to make a living, live somewhere, provide for ourselves, and navigate life. Life without a road map. Life without teachers to guide us like in school. 

I will be honest. I've been slapped around by adult life. It is not easy. I was so looking forward to being an adult in college and then, after college, I am ready to be back as a kid. 

A kid has limits on how much control they have in their lives. A kid has a life that is sheltered, for the most part. A kid has limits and lives with others. A kid is pretty much carefree.

I wish I knew what I know now and wouldn't have been in a hurry to grow up. I was just mature and didn't truly live life until high school, college, and now. 

Today, I am an incomplete work in progress. I don't know when I will get a full time teaching job, I work for hopes to gain full time employment soon, and I dream to be a teacher. 

Dreams, as a child, are something that are not always reachable. It's like a wish. Something to happen eventually. As an adult, I truly believe dream jobs come true. Hard work and dedication pay off. I want my dream job, as a teacher, to come true and I will continue to dream and work on my incomplete work in progress of my life.

Life is all about making progress and, this incomplete work in progress isn't done with, moving forward. 

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