Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I don't claim to be perfect; I am only human

Lord willing, I can get my words out tonight. This post has been building for a while and I have finally decided to lay it all out. Please bear with me as I am not exactly sure what my underlying message is. I just need to lay it all out. 

I've got issues. Heck, I know we all do. I don't claim to be perfect. I am only human. 

However, I feel like we live in a perfect-driven world. I see it on the televisions and in magazines. Some strive to have those perfect lives. Perfect on the outside and they try on the inside and when the cameras are off too. 

However, as humans, they fail. 

Humans are imperfect. The whole giving 100% is a great theory. However, many can't give 100% as that would mean perfection. 

I feel like our world, even country, is filled with wanna bees. People who strive to do their best and then try to be perfect. Best and perfect are two separate entities. Best refers to the highest quality or standing (source) while perfect refers to a flawless entity (source). 

I am not flawless by any means. If you saw what is not on screen, it may shock you. I have a few, okay several right now, piles and I get frustrated at the drop of a hat lately. I don't always get to what I say I will and I have issues letting things go. For me, I am imperfect but give my best effort when necessary.

Instead of looking at what the magazines and media is trying to sell. Look within and put your, not the magazine's idea, best foot forward. 

Bottom line: We are humans living in a society filled with notions that we have to be perfect. We can't be. We won't be. Humans are imperfect. 

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