Saturday, May 4, 2013

Miracle noodles rock

Miracle noodles are just awesome in my book. 

A friend of mine tried them for her diabetic husband a few months ago. I was initially turned off by the package but wanted to find something that would satisfy my carb lovin' fill and not kill my calories/healthy eating each day. 

The package makes you think you'll eat nothing and the noodles, by themselves, are tasteless. The package feels like a weird, watered down solution. I was afraid my noodles would slip through my colander so I drained them in a paper towel in the colander before and after cooking. This is because the noodles are made from Glucomannan, a natural fiber.

Add spices and flavor and it's a no carb, no sodium, no starch,  no fat, no calorie addition to any meal. 

I used the "angel hair" in my chicken and veggie stir fry today and holy yum! 

I can't believe I waited so long to try them!

I am now a miracle noodle believer!!

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