Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Shadowed Onyx review

Book review

Nicole O’Dell has done it again. Not only has she published many books before, her latest novel, The Shadowed Onyx, does not disappoint. This book is the third in the Diamond Estate series. O’Dell writes of a girl struggling to grasp hold of her spiraling, out of control life. Grasping for balance, Joy, falls into witchcraft after her best friend commits suicide. Joy has a choice to make and it is up to her, to chose right or wrong. This is a tough subject for anyone. O’Dell handles it beautifully and takes the reader through a journey as if she were right there telling the story to me. 

This book receives an A+ as the reader can connect with the characters as well as the author through this story. 

Read the story and try to put the book down. It will be a tough decision to do. O’Dell writes young adult fiction but this is a book young adults and above should read. A tough subject yet gracefully written. 

The Shadowed Onyx is available in book stores as well as online.

A little about Nicole O’Dell… 

O’Dell has written multiple books, both fiction and non-fiction, for young adults. Her Hot Button books focus on real issues and allow for parent/teen discussion through scenarios; her latest book, in the Diamond Estate series, focuses on a real topic issue, suicide, through a story. This allows O’Dell to connect with the reader and go through the real struggle some face today. This book will complete the Diamond Estate series and will be O'Dell's second series to complete. O’Dell hosts a teen talk radio show for parents and teens too. She is married and has six beautiful children, including triplets. 

An inspirational woman through and through, Nicole O’Dell has a power gift of writing.

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