Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pandora online radio rocks

Today, as I sit at my computer and breathe, I will admit that I have a large love for Pandora online radio.

It's free, you can create your own stations, and it is easy to sign into. Not only am I still listening to my country Christmas station (since I love Christmas), I can also add songs to the stations I've created. 

Since I sign in, the stations I create are saved. You have the option of a thumbs up or down per song. If you give the song a thumbs down, it will move on to another song and not play that particular song again. There are very few commercials and it's easy to use. 

Sure it's easy to say there are I-tunes but I don't ride that bandwagon. I love Pandora and always will. Easily accessible and free! There's even a FREE I-phone app that is used daily. 

Can't beat that...Pandora rocks!!

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