Thursday, November 29, 2012

You mess with my dog then you mess with me

This morning on my walk with Lola (our Doberman), I encountered a lady who decided to yell at my dog. 

This did not sit well with me. 

You see, we have a neighborhood park that includes a large pond and there are houses on the other side of the pond/land that back up to the area. Every day, we let Lola run at the park and it's heaven for her. She runs free but we still have control. She wears a shocker collar just in case and we don't use it much anymore. She still wears it daily, though. 

She runs, leaps, and is FREE for a few minutes. She sniffs and does circles. She can't get into the houses' backyard but there are occasionally dogs outside who bark. She doesn't bark back though; she's busy running. 

This morning, a lady went bats*** crazy on Lola. Apparently, the lady was doing something in her backyard and saw Lola. She was yelling at her, saying (at the top of her lungs) there's a dog loose with a lead. I responded back that she was fine. We do this daily and she just runs. 

Lord, help me. The women went on to say I needed to control my "damn dog" and not let her run. Totally caught me off guard. I, also, have news for the woman. We run her to let her get energy out. She needs to run. The park is in our neighborhood, not hers.

So, I called her and Lola was, to her advantage, on the other side. So I shocked her once and she came right to me and sat. She didn't try to go in someone else's yard; she just ran. 

Lola knows the expectations and we've never had an incident. I always crouch down to watch her leap over to the other side and can normally see her standing up too. When she's done running, she comes and sits at my side. She does this day in and out. She's so black and white that she never deviates. 

So, the moral of the story is, if you mess with my dog then you mess with me! 

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