Friday, November 16, 2012

Fleas bite

Our poodle is old. I mean really old. She's 16 and looks it. 

It takes Holly several minutes to wake up and open her eyes. She hobbles but gets lots of attention. 

Holly, however, seems to have a magnet for fleas. None of our other dogs seem to get them. However, she's on her second round in three months. :( She had a special bath on Thursday and that showed that it is indeed fleas. She, like the other dogs, take a preventative but it just doesn't do it for Holly.

The fleas also like me too. I have 12+ bites on me. They itch like no other. It's a glimpse of what she feels like.

I figured out they were back due to the dander on my bed, where she sleeps every night, and her inability to stop scratching.

For now, we are treating her and hoping none of the other dogs get them.

Just another day in our house!

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