Monday, September 24, 2012

Sometimes, crying just helps

This weekend, I attended Women of Faith. There were so many good speakers and musicians present. I connected with several stories and spent lots of time crying. 

Truth be told, once I start crying I have a hard time stopping. 

Lots of emotions come out and I just need time to process and stop. Angie Smith's story as well as Todd Smith's story (Angie's hubby and Selah member) brought me to tears many times. Connecting on a personal level, for the love of a child, brought me to my end. I lost it and cried. I wasn't alone. I have several friends crying with me. 

Once I stopped crying, I felt a sense of fullness. 

Everyone hurts for various reasons, though, crying can help get out those emotions and go on. 

I've had ugly cries before but, this weekend's cry, allowed me to connect and move forward. 

Everyone hurts but sometimes crying just helps!

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