Saturday, August 25, 2012

Adults can bully too

Without going into many details, I will say that I have been a victim to an adult bully this week and it has just sucked. I was blindsided with a text on Wednesday evening and it has blown up.

My boss has been a huge help and I am letting it all fizzle down but I have been put in a cruddy position and I am so out of my realm. It makes me tear up what I get to deal with and I am attempting to not let my emotions get in the way. That's really hard for me as I was not given a chance to hear what was "heard" and be able to explain what happened.

Dragging me through the mud and making false accusations has thrown me in a loop. Texting and emailing me and getting it out there makes them look bad and I have a paper trail. However, it did not have to come to this.

I was bullied all my life through high school for various things but In would expect an adult to have a little more class than this.

This comes without a doubt in my mind that adults can bully and I have been yet another victim in their web. Don't get me wrong, I don't want pity, I want maturity and to be able to talk to people without the middle school games.

Monday morning, I meet with my boss and the bully. To say the least, I am not looking forward to this. My boss has made it clear that I will not be manipulated nor will I be alone in this. That makes me feel a bit better but still.

It's just sad adults can bully too!

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