Saturday, June 30, 2012

SOC Sunday: Reinventing myself

While I realize I don't get to participate in stream of consciousness each week, I've enjoyed reading and finding new friends through this meme.

However, I realize things change and I truly get it.

5 minutes, no editing, in the raw blogging.

It's no secret I've struggled with the fact that the teaching market has not been the nicest to get hired into. It was a sucker punch to my ego and perfect dream when I wasn't hired full time out of college. I mean, that was my plan.

Things change though

I learned how to substitute in all grade levels and how to deal with various situations. I fell in love with all grades and realized how I had a perception that was guarded by my comfort level.

Once I got out of my own comfort level, I started feeling more and more at peace. I took a part time job building a children's ministry, with a church, on June 3rd. I have my resume every where as have I applied too. It's a guessing game though.

How I've reinvented myself

I never thought I'd be on a different path than what I had desired and planned since I was a child but I am so glad I let my comfort zone spread and have gotten a few nibbles here and there.

For now, I will keep my head up, heart open, and eyes on my dream of teaching someday and somewhere.

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Happy Sunday

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