Saturday, May 12, 2012

The warning light

I am SO TIRED of seeing this in my truck. This saga all started when my engine light turned on about 2 weeks ago. Originally, I went to my local car repair shop but their mechanic was out for the day. SO, I tried a local place that always looks to have good business. They tried something and said to come back if the light came on. Well, guess what? It came back on twice. I gave them three chances and then was done.

So, I headed to my local and trusted store and today, after 2 trips with them, learned that my cylinder 1 is misfiring and it could be a head gasket issue or a head-cylinder something issue. Not a simple fix at all! They have to disassemble multiple things and then take the parts to a local machine shop. If it's cracked, lord help me! If it's not, then they'll re-surface it and then hope it doesn't do this again. Not necessarily the words used but we are hoping it's not cracked. They're hopeful, since my truck has never overheated, that there is no crack.

It's not cheap though. But, the alternative is needing a new engine if the antifreeze and oil combine. No bueno.

For now, I will try to wait patiently. (HA)

This taught me a lesson, though. Don't use someone you've never used before unless you check them out. They didn't catch this and it could have caused major issues if this wasn't caught.

Not sure what I am doing next, with the other business, but will be making a complaint to someone about this. This should not have been overlooked.

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