Sunday, November 27, 2011

The ungrateful houseguest


When we lived in Australia, we befriended a family who's mom did everything for her kids. She was one of those type A, it's easier for me to do it, kinds of people. That was all fine and dandy ten years ago. But now, not so much. Now the daughter is attending University in Florida and she spent Thanksgiving with us. Would it be rude to say she's a spoiled brat? Well, she is.

I got so irritated with her lazy attitude and sayings this weekend.

Every year, after Thanksgiving, we start with the Christmas decorations. This year was no different. After my parents announced that we would start, she said "I plan to sit on the couch and watch footie (football) all day." We all just looked at her, said no, and she sighed.

When we got out the tree, it needed to be fluffed. She actually told my mom "this isn't my job. My mom does this stuff." Let me say that your mom has given you the easy road and you are an adult now. It's like she liked being waited on hand and foot and thinks it's okay to tell someone, who you are staying with, no.

She jumped at every opportunity to run an errand in hopes of getting out of work.

She disappeared for a few hours and my mom finally gave up. She said "this isn't something she's expected to do." It makes me sad that someone can be an adult, a young one, and have little courtesy and respect to others. It angers me that she thinks she can run all over my family. The smart butt comments and crappy attitude is not okay. I guess she's in for a wake up call in America.

Just a fair warning, if you come to my house, you will be doing what we are doing.

It's called common courtesy. Pass it on!

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