Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fun times at 3:15am

Enter lightening and thunder.

Our poodle fiddles with the decorative ghost with bells on it. She needs to go out.

She's shivering and shaking due to the storm.

I pick her up and head downstairs. She manages to pee on me and the floor. Fantastic I put her down and she goes and hides in the laundry room closet. I clean up the mess and she's now in hiding. She does that. She's a scardy-catdog.

I head upstairs to change and put my clothes in the wash.

I knock the glass coffee table on the way up. That wakes our 3 month old Goldendoodle. Clothes are changed and laundry started. I tell my mom I'll take Ember.

She tells me to "lay down and she'll probably go back to sleep." HA, HA, HA-not today! We, then, play for an hour. Ember finally falls asleep after listening to the rain for an hour. She did not like the hail.

She's snoozing on the couch and I can't fall asleep. I fiddle with my phone, read my news apps, and sit in the recliner.

Ember stirs a bit but I try to be as quiet as a mouse. My brother comes down around 6:15 and snuggled with Ember. I exit to put up laundry.

He leaves around 7 and she's mine again. We play, go outside, dry off with a towel, and fold others' laundry. Dad exits and takes the last of the coffee. I've only had 3 cups so I make a bit more.

Mom leaves for a bit. So, Ember and I play a bit more. She lays down around 9am for her morning nap.

Me? I haven't slept since 3:15am and Ember is now napping. It's 9am. It's going to be a LONG day!

How's your day going?

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