Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Green bean melt

Good Tuesday to you all. Last night, I thought about today's good and tasty Tuesday link up and wondered what I'd put up. Then, as I was eating dinner, it dawned on me to look down and share what I made last night. A one bowl creation that was so good and easy to make. Green bean melt was created with three ingredients and was in one bowl. Easy peasy! Plus a great left over user.

Green bean melt
Serves: 1

* Leftover grilled meat (used 3/4 cup)
* 1 cup green beans
* 1/4 cup extra sharp cheddar cheese

In a microwaveable bowl, place chicken on the bottom. Next, pour in the green beans and top with cheese. Microwave for 2 minutes and enjoy!

There you have it. An easy and quick meal! Enjoy!

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