Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I admit, I did not watch the Casey Anthony trial nor did I want to. I just could not listen to the pain that was caused upon the 2 year old that was supposed to be the center of this said trial. Caylee Anthony died a horrific death and I would be darned to say that justice was served through this trial.

Something, to me, just does not feel right about this case and verdict. Why was Ms. Anthony partying when her daughter was missing? How could a mother not be worried? Why the inconsistencies in the story? I don't understand. I don't understand how anyone could kill a 2 year old and duct tape their body. I don't understand how someone could throw away a 2 year old. My heart breaks as I wonder what pain she felt. My heart breaks that she suffered when she didn't have to. My heart breaks as this was a 2 year old CHILD.

I understand Ms. Anthony has been acquitted but she is charged with providing false information to the police. These said charges allow up to one year of jail time per charge. My sister said it well "she's already spent a three years in jail." Meaning that she may not get one more day in jail. Where is the justice in that for Caylee?

Granted, I have not seen the evidence but something just doesn't sit right for me. Why would a mother be partying if her child was missing? I just don't understand. Why would someone throw away a child {literally}?? Something is not right about this whole thing.

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