Sunday, May 8, 2011

Student Teaching: week 15

This week, I'm doing a high & low of each day. It had been crazy and I have not had that much spare time. 

Monday: High-working with a student & seeing her get how to use a 100s chart to add/subtract. Low-Watching a student become so angry, so fast, and him throwing anything he could get his hands on. He was suspended later that day for another issue. 

Tuesday: High-No chairs thrown. ;) Just kidding! Being able to take over a lesson without notice & my second graders telling me I did a great job. Low-Sitting through a 3 hour class after a fun yet difficult day. I survived. :)

Wednesday: High-having a student read their first book to me. It was amazing! Low-having to walk a student down to the office since he stole from the teacher. 

Thursday: High-Teaching a lesson on Hawaii and having the students respond to it. They were excited so i was excited. Low-Sitting through a meeting, with a parent, who tells me their student is stupid. It took me a lot of effort to bite my tongue. 

Friday: High-working 2:1 with students and how to remember the months of the year. It was precious how they could say a event per month. Made me smile. :) Low-Having a student drip the F-bomb more than five times also with tearing up his assignment. He's in a week of RAC (alt school). He has so much anger. It's quite scary. He is the same child from Monday. 

What a week! My last week of student teaching is next week & it's bitter sweet! 

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