Sunday, May 29, 2011

Prayer request: It's bad & difficult

My mom's mom, Nonni, is my biggest supporter. She's been in my corner through thick & thin. We've been through so much together & she's my number one fan. 

She's not doing well & hospice has been called in. I understand that hospice will make her comfortable but watching her get weaker and weaker breaks my heart. Usually, when she gets sick, she bounces back after 48 hours. Not this time. I've never seen her this bad. She's too weak to stand, is in pain, confused, and really fragile. She's also having difficulty swallowing & is essentially not eating.   

This all started a week ago when she thought she had a stomach bug. By Wednesday, she was having trouble taking her medication so mom & I brought her to the ER. She was diagnosed with a severe bacterial infection. She was admitted Wednesday night and has slowly gotten worse on a daily basis. She has congestive heart failure (and more) that can't be fixed & is causing more harm now. 

I realize her body may be done but that scares me. It may be selfish to say I'm not done, with her, yet but it's true. She will be 80 this year. No one can tell us how long she'll go on but we've come to realize not for much longer. I have mixed emotions with this that I've been struggling with. I don't want her to be in pain. I want her to be pain-free actually. But loosing her altogether? 

I'm asking for prayers for my Nonni & for my family as we all face what's in front of us. Near death is not easy to face. 

Thank you for your prayers & support!! 

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