Sunday, April 3, 2011

Student Teaching highlights: weeks 9 & 10

Week 9 was a blur. I had various things happening. Sleep was little & things went down hill on Tuesday. On Friday, a student said "you're really calm today" & it was just what I needed. I also got my senior ring on Friday night. It was a really cool ceremony.

Week 10 was pretty cool. I was evaluated on Friday. Teachers are rated on a 1-4 scale. I received three 3s & the rest were 4s. I was evaluated in my special education class and while it started rocky, it went well. Something must have been in the water, though, since a student put soap in his hair. I told him to wash it out and as he came out of the bathroom, he shook his head like a dog. I was less than thrilled and wet. Afternoons usually go down hill but it wasn't too bad. The school had a pep rally to kick off the TAKS month. A local HS drum line & cheerleaders did a skit and an awesome performance. I was impressed. The fifth graders test on Monday & Tuesday. A huge break happened with a K student on Friday as well. She counted to fifty. Yes there was prompting but she did it twice. I was over the moon for her!!

I will teach the resource language arts & resource math classes on Monday & Tuesday. It's pretty cool & exciting.

So in a nut shell, that was the past 2 weeks. I have an e-portfolio due in two weeks so my extra time & nights will go to it for a few days.

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