Saturday, March 5, 2011

Student Teaching: week 7

Monday: My mom drove me back to Collegetown today. Still did not feel so great but I needed to make an effort. So I went back.

Tuesday: Talk about exhausting. Today was TAKS writing for the fourth graders. I was not able to go into my SPED classroom so I spent the day helping my K, 1, 2 students. Rooms were rearranged due to TAKS and it was a low day. That was nice. My students were pretty well behaved today. I got to teach resource reading and that was a lot of fun. I had my class after school and I was done after it.

Wednesday: Today was rough all around. I have one student who is off his meds and his parents are using his SSI money to pay their bills and not his medication. It's sad as he is a completely different person off than on them. During math, he had a total meltdown when I said I was going to sign his folder for not following directions. I got to teach resource math today as my teacher had an ARD. It was an experience. My fourth graders were totally off today as well. Since it was the day after TAKS, the teachers planned a relaxed day. That backfired as their schedule was thrown off. Live and learn. During my tome in the second grade classroom, work was a complete struggle. First the words are not writing themselves and one can't see the board. After school tutoring went well.

Thursday: Today was the calm before Friday's storm. I wish I was kidding but I'm not. I was evaluated in second grade science today and it went well. My students were horrific but my advisor didn't seem to mind. I did very well on my evaluation. I was pleased. After school tutoring, with four second graders, is always fun. Their personalities are blossoming and they make me laugh. On an unrelated note, I experienced transmission issues after school. Turns out that my gasket was previously placed wrong and I had no transmission fluid. Let me tell you that it's scary stopping on a busy street. It was an experience indeed.

Friday: This morning threw me in a loop. I started the weekly spelling and daily oral language tests with my students. One student started loosing control of himself. The office was called twice and no one came. His aide gave him several chances and it got worse. So she picked him up and took him to the office. My teacher dashed out of the room as he tried to head butt the aide and kicked her multiple times. This shook everyone. I took over the class as he was dealt with. While I took the other students back to their classroom, I saw the student being physically held in a room with my principal. It was heartbreaking. After talking to his homeroom teacher, it was found that he forgot his homework and that sparked this. Usually, I work with a kindergartener from 10-10:30 but chose to stay with my sped students during that time. I needed to breathe and talk to my teacher. I went to see my fourth graders and had a great time with them. They were reading "Because of Winn-Dixie" out loud and the book is a favorite of mine. I also did a lot of grading for teachers today. After lunch, I worked with my resource math students. That is always a joy. The rest of the afternoon went well. While working with my last class, I saw my student be removed for the second time today. Seeing students struggle with various subjects is heartbreaking. No one can prepare you for it. At the end of the day, I was able to talk with my teacher for 30+ minutes and felt much better. After school, I picked up my truck and had a quiet evening.

I have a comprehensive midterm on Tuesday afternoon and we were told to study everything. Studying are my weekend plans.

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