Saturday, February 26, 2011

Student Teaching: week 6

Monday: No school. I did, however, spend my day taking my practice special education exam. I passed that and so now, I will take the real one soon.

Tuesday: Today was a terrific day. The students' behavior was far from perfect though. I did, however, experience a student who's parents have not refill his medication. What an experience. This student knows he is out of control with medication and he was a wreck. His parents know he needs the medication and have not refilled it. Due to his area of need, he needs it to function properly. The afternoon went down hill for everyone. I also experienced a student refusing to do his work & make every excuse in the book. That was frustrating. The rest of the day went well. In the afternoon, my students' behavior tanks. Without fail, it gets more and more difficult from 1-3. Everyday. We can have a fantastic morning then boom.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday: I was out sick with pneumonia and a sinus infection. Two words fit that-not fun. I missed my students and teaching. My mom said it perfectly though, referring to me being sick. "They don't want you there when you're sick. It's better for you and the kids." I tried to go back Friday but made the decision not to as I still have fever.

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