Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow day

Two words are my favorite today. Snow day. Last night, a storm whipped through West Texas & dropped ice and then about eight inches of snow. So I am snowed in.

West Texas has not seen the forecasted temps in a long time. It may not be a big deal for Northerners but WTX does not have snow plows. I'm talking 8* at night and negative wind chills. Brrr. Even for this winter lover, it's cold.

I've been up since 5:30 to see if we were cold. My Student Teaching ISD does not call a delay or closing until that morning. So I tossed & turned & listen to the thunder & snow storm rolling through. I am hoping that we don't run into trouble tomorrow or Thursday since the high will not be above freezing.

Today's plan involves a little homework & cleaning, movie and tv watching, pot roast making, a nap or two, and staying in my pajamas all day long.

My friends and I said last night that we thought we were more excited for this day off. I think we were correct.

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