Saturday, January 29, 2011

Student Teaching: week 2

I have to say that I thoroughly loved getting up for school, packing my lunch,  & going to school. I have already bonded with students (mine and others). Something new happens daily. 

Monday went well. A new schedule all over again. My teacher didn't have my whole schedule for me so I helped her as needed. 

Tuesday was an experience in itself. I saw a child get physically removed from my room & heard heartbreaking stories. The students have rough home lives & difficult parents/guardians. I got to teach an impromptu reading lesson as the behavior issue was being dealt with. It was eye opening. I have a class from 4-6:45 & it is LONG & assigns multiple assignments each week. I also have my weekly 9pm Brand meeting each week. Overall, it's the longest day of the week. 

Wednesday was an off day. We were supposed to get a delay, due to weather, but the weather never came. Everyone was off. Today, my teachers had various ARDs (Admission, Review, Dismissal) and IEP (Individual Education Plan) reviews so I taught a math class & reading class. It was so much fun. The child that has the severe behavior issues has an aid & was very encouraging. I like her already. :) I also have students with difficulties in behavior as well. I had to take something away from someone & got growled at. Looking back, it's funny. Not so much then. Having the opportunity to work with a SPED reading as well as a math teacher is so cool. I also ordered my senior ring today. 

Thursday was great. I can say everyone was on their games. Nothing bad happened and the kids were responsive. 

Friday-it was a Friday indeed. I had a student totally choose to spell every single spelling word wrong, one make a 100 on his, and several care less about grades. An experience in itself. I miss being in just one grade but totally love my experience thus far. One of my favorite parts of the day was taking a first grade student to the office to sign the brag book. Every morning, whomever signed the brag book is announced on the morning announcements. He made a 100 on his math and spelling tests. I was proud and he grinned ear to ear. I also found out my schedule will change a little next week. 

8-9:45-Reading with 1st, 2nd, & 4th grade
10:35-11:15-Fourth grade*
11:15-12-End of Reading (4/5th), Lunch, & planning
12-12:30-Reading with 1st graders-Inclusion
12:40-1:15-2nd Math
1:15-1:40-4th grade Math-Inclusion
1:45-2:45-2nd Grade S.S. & Science-Inclusion
2:50 on-with SPED teacher
3:05-3:45-tutoring (all level)

* Now working in an inclusion math class (sped students in a regular classroom). This is the change. 

Next week, I have my first observation by my supervisor on Thursday. It will be in my 2nd grade class for Social Studies & Science. I'm not nervous though. We also are going to hopefully experience some of the coldest weather soon and maybe snow/ice. All I have to say is I'm hoping for a delay. ;) We got left out last week and am hoping not to repeat the same upset this week. 

This morning, I had my fingerprints for my certification done. What an experience. 

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