Saturday, January 22, 2011

Student Teaching: Week 1

This week, I started student teaching. Honestly, I was petrified. I was so scared that it wouldn't go well. Well it went awesomely with a surprise at the end of the week.

I started on Wednesday morning. The kids swooned me over and were so precious. The teacher, Mrs. Allen, is amazing. She told me just to jump in and ask questions. The day just flew by. Thursday went amazingly as well. The kids crave your approval & don't talk back. Always a plus. I really loved eating lunch with the teachers in our room. This elementary does not have a teacher's lounge so my teacher, the teacher across the hall, and myself ate lunch in our room, chatted, and graded papers.

I started to get the routine down. By Wednesday evening, I was worthless. I was so worn out. Thursday & Friday were much better. My teacher apologized profusely (a bunch) as she was out with her kid, on Tuesday, Monday was a holiday, and her kiddo was sick at his school on Thursday. I said it was fine. Life happens. She said she was off. Maybe she was but I got a glimpse of life with two working parents and a sick kiddo. What a lesson in itself.

On Friday, I was called into the Principal's office. The kids wanted to know what I did wrong. Apparently, my teacher told my Principal that I dis really well with her Special Education students and had SPED experience. So I was asked/told that I was going to start in Special Education (all level) on Monday morning. I was unsure, directly after the meeting, about leaving my first graders. Heck, I just got their names all down. But my teacher calmed my fears and said "you were put in this assignment for a reason. It's not just an assignment. You were put into my life for a reason." Um wow! She calmed my fears!

It was really hard for me to say goodbye to my little first graders on Friday. I was told that if I had any time that I could come see my precious class. That made my day.

After school, I met my new Special Education teacher. We chatted for a while and then a friend popped into her room. My new assignment has me in the resource room and also in different regular education classrooms (working with inclusion sped students). My teacher, Mrs. Ellington, said she may not have my whole schedule down until Tuesday. I said that's fine.

I'm excited & nervous for Monday. I am glad that I get to see a little guy from my first grade class in resource reading on Monday morning. He goes to my new assignment and is precious. That will help me tremendously to see a familiar face. I'm looking at this move as a promotion of sorts.

As for how I'm doing in regards to getting up early, no problems. I'm in bed by 10 or 11 and up by 6 or 6:30. I love waking up to know I'm going to do what I love.

I am going to try getting up earlier to workout. Afternoons are short and I have a better chance of waking up early than getting it in late. I'll let you know how it goes!

I'll try to update more. The days went so fast this week.

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