Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Taking it all in...

Got up at 5AM this morning.
Packed and showered.
Cleaned and cleaned.
Rechecked everything I packed.
Got my morning coffee.
Hit the road.
Took around 3 hours to get home.
Saw eight accidents and dozens of state troopers.
Had to take an alternate route twice.
Hoped to heaven I was going the right way.

Stopped for more coffee.
Got home.
Checked my email.
Hung out with my lap dog.
Unpacked my car.
Went to storage with dad & got all the Christmas decorations.
Filled the garage with boxes.
Started to decorate and cook.

Went for more coffee and to the grocery store.
Finished the marathon, in the grocery store.
Went to the pharmacy.
Unpacked groceries.
Hung out outside.
Did some homework.

The rest is still to come and it's only day one of my break! Time IS flying by so fast!!

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