Friday, November 5, 2010

On my mind...

It's 11:30p.m. and I'm in a thinking kind of mood. I thought October was CRAZY busy...HA! November is already here and I guarantee December will be here soon. We got our first freeze last night. I LOVE cold weather. It seems we will, next week, be going from fall to spring weather. Rats!

I registered for my GRE exam {gulp} for Tuesday, November 16. This works out perfectly as it's a Tuesday and I don't have class that morning. Funny thing is, I lacked the brain cells, to remember, that I will be coming off 15+ hours in a car from that weekend. Weee! Oh next weekend, you ask?! Nicely put, it's my grandfather's 80th birthday and we are all getting together. It will be like a mini-family reunion. Another post, this week, will be dedicated to my concerns/fears/issues with this upcoming trip. I love my grandpa dearly but the surrounding factors to this trip make it interesting.

My dad texted me tonight and and literally said "C is playing both ways. They have a big 75 who can run over him." This is NOT something I want to hear about my brother, who is a freshman in high school. He is 6'2 and also 15 years old. He is also {also} still my little brother who, in my eyes, is still that little guy whom was smaller than me. He is now, in my opinion, a stud. So dad, next time, don't tell me a BIG 75, on the other team, is against C. Okay, got it, good!

I advised and finalized for my last semester as an undergrad in college. It is bittersweet. One of my best friends is graduating a semester early and I get teary, now, with her talking about it. Heaven help me when she graduates!

Oh, and I have realized, that college professors like to assign homework at the end of the week to add it onto the weekend load. Just from observation and 11 weeks, so far, of homework. I kindof know.

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