Monday, October 4, 2010


This past weekend, I embarked on an adventure.
I drove over 6 hours (one way) to attend an expo.
I spent over 14 hours in the car this weekend.
But it was all worth it.

On Friday morning, I hit the highway around 5:30am. I knew it would be dark for another 2 hours but was so excited to go see the family I was staying with. So I started driving and quickly realized that the highway, in the country, that I was on would not be lit up. Panic set in as I drove by the yellow and white lines. I could see nothing on my right or left. I was SO thankful to passerbyers who lit up the highway for me. I quickly realized that my bright headlights would be my saving grace. I could have pulled off the road and waited until the sun came up. BUT that seemed like eternity. So I chugged along.

Let me tell you! Driving while not being able to see what road you are on is scary. Seeing the yellow in the {small} distance was encouraging but when it dropped out of was not! I was so thankful for the few tractor trailers and 18 wheelers that came by. I even let a bus pass me so I could see.

The payoff of the {scary} drive in the dark was seeing the world wake up before my very eyes. I was so glad I saw the pre-sunrise and the full sunrise too. The trip, thank goodness, was beautiful and I enjoyed seeing the small towns in Texas. Sure it was a LONG drive but if you ask me if I would make it again, I would say YES without blinking an eye.

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