Wednesday, October 27, 2010

She's got my back

Throughout my sister's and my college experience, we are around 6 hours apart from each other in driving time. I don't know what it is but our relationship has flourished and grown since we are so far away from each other and apart for long periods of time. I have learned, over this semester, that my sister and I are different, in many ways, but she is always in my corner and ready to give me advice on how to deal with situations and issues. I really appreciate her.

Lately, I have called her more than twice a week just to vent and get advice. She is a really good advice giver and knows how to not get all emotional in confrontations. She is good at talking me through issues and making me see both sides of various situations.

We may have fought like cats and dogs over the last few years, pre-college, but I truly believe we are growing closer every mile apart. Not trying to sound cheesy but she and I are just so much alike and different that we drive each other bonkers.

People told me, before college, that my relationship with my sister would probably get better in college and I, now, totally agree.

It's nice to know she's got my back!!

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