Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Perspective under fire

This morning, around 9am , gunman entered a college campus and started shooting. This was at the University of Texas in Austin, TX. This puts life into perspective and has me thinking about it today. What if it were at my campus? How would I react? What would I do?

These questions all boil down to perspective. It could have easily been my school under fire and it could have happened in a snap. Thank goodness for modern technology, via facebook, as my sister broke the news to her friends that UT had been under fire. I then thought about my sister. She is at another HUGE university, like UT, and what would happen if this was at her school? How would I react?

My school is much MUCH smaller than UT but I have been thinking about the fact that this event, a school shooting, could happen on ANY college campus ANYWHERE. This scares the living day lights out of me. I may be a strong person now but I have NO IDEA how I would react to this event.

My heart goes out to the students at University of Texas as they grieve and deal with the happenings of today's shooting.

I also wanted to say thank you to anyone who emailed, twittered, or checked in this morning on me. I do not attend UT but the school is about three hours from me.

Right now, I am just scared and thinking that this shooting could have happened anywhere...including my college. My perspective on this shooting is tragedy and sadness as someone had to experience death as someone else experienced sadness and took it it out on others.

My perspective is under fire as I am a college student on a college campus.

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