Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Quad mamas ROCK

This post is dedicated to the QUAD mamas whom are near and dear to my heart!

Almost three years ago, next week, I saw an article in the paper about this family who had quadruplets on August 1st. I thought, awesome and strong woman! Maybe I could meet her one day. I never dreamed that I would meet her and/or her children in real life.

Fast forward to that school year and I was a freshman (gulp) in college. I met a friend, Nikki, who started me on the blogging trek and I have not looked back since then.

Fast forward a few months and I start gaining a few online friends. One of whom was Suz, the quad mama whom I saw in the paper. I did not make the connection until I saw picts and fell out of my chair that this was "THE QUAD MAMA" I had seen in the paper.

I then blogged more and found Gen, Jen, Sandra, Misty, Casey, Moni, Amber, Mari, Jenna, & Jenny.

These woman have seen and done it ALL! Seriously, I would never mess with any of these women and sure would NOT like to be on their warpath. Each lady has shown me that they care and it is absolutely amazing what they go through on a daily basis! I cherish the relationships I have with each woman online and in real life.

Speaking of real life, last August I met Suz, Misty, Casey, & Liz (twin momma and quad supporter). It was amazing! This June, I got to see Suz and Liz again along with Gen, Sandra, and Moni. Let me tell you that Suz's quads, LOVED my phone and recording features, and I have pictures of all four, sweet kiddos (Drew, Sav, Ben, and Ethan) and of Gen, Suz, Sandra, and Moni. Sorry but I'll keep the pj picts to myself.

Suz and myself last August

Suz, Sandra, myself, Gen, Moni this June.
* Side note-I am at least as tan as Suz now since I got sun!!!

My life has been truly changed by the quad mamas and their sweet encouragement and support! They may be the best supporters in the world. They have all taught me strength like no other and I am grateful to know each and every one of them! Love y'all!

Quad mamas ROCK!!!

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