Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Then & Now with the "R" word

Then, my sister and I fought over who used the tv and who used the computer.
Now, my sister and I (seem to) fight over everything.
Then, I went to college and got a life.
Now, she stills go for the jugular vain EVERY single time.
Then, cuss words did not exist.
Now, she calls some things "retarded" like it is a regular word.
Then, I found the R word very offensive.
Now, I still do!

I have worked with mentally challenged kiddos before and don't see the "R" in them. I see light and a candle ready to be lit. I see children who want to be treated normally and are still kiddos! I see the "R" word as ugly, demeaning, and disrespectful. I get very upset with the "R" word and think it is one of the worst words for someone to use in a joking matter. In a medical and developmental sense, it irks me. For other people to use it as slang is never, ever okay. It needs to be erased!!! Society has taken a turn and thinks it is okay to use it in everyday language. IT IS NOT okay!!!

I truly believe the "R" word should be erased!!!

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