Friday, June 11, 2010

Rough patch & Angie Smith's "I will carry you"

Life, right now, is troubling. I decided to jump into my work schedule and avoid my sister as much as possible. The sad thing about this is that she and I get into it and she is a bully to me. So I choose to work 9+ hour days to avoid her. It is sad but true.

Yesterday, we buried my great grandfather and I was literally spent when we got to the house at 3pm. The car ride home was difficult and my sister was still being difficult so I decided to go to work from 4-6:30. When the AC in the building went off, I was not ready to go home. I was avoiding it and felt awful about it. I made my way over to Madel's and was completely at piece when I walked in the door. Madel's is absolutely amazing and the people made me feel so comfortable. I walked the aisles of teacher supplies and then I hit the Christian book section. It was amazing!

I purchased I will carry you by Angie Smith as well as So long, Insecurity by Beth Moore. I am almost done with I will carry you and have been soooo impressed. This book has brought me to tears and has given me strength and encouragement. It's almost finished and I just got it last night. Angie does a fabulous job talking to you in this book and her words and scripture references are profound. I am extremely impressed and feel a sense of calming and grace while reading this book. I will start Beth Moore's book tomorrow and will let you know how it is. I have heard WONDERFUL things for this book as well.

Angie Smith's book put my life in perspective in just a few short minutes and reads and I am extremely glad I got this book. This book is not just for those whom have suffered loss; it is for those who need to feel closer to the Lord with a loss.
I highly recommend Angie Smith's book I will carry you!!!

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