Monday, June 7, 2010

Jesus getting smaller?

Did I get your attention?

Toby Keith wrote a song called "American Ride." In this song, he sings "plasma getting bigger, Jesus getting smaller..." This has had me thinking for a while now. Where does society place Jesus in their lives? Where do I place Jesus in mine? Yes he died for my sins thousands of years ago but how does that relate to the song?

Well I have to say I stumped myself and have been pondering quite a bunch over the past few weeks. Many put Jesus on the back burner and only pull him out when they need Him. Some say they follow but don't realize that HE knows what we do. Others follow but place Him aside sometimes and a few follow him all the time. We want lots of material things and sometimes forget HE is all we need.

Society is so focused with what is "in" today and how to better our lives that we forget HE payed the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. Sure material things are always nice but it is what is in our hearts that matters. I'll admit that I sometimes don't take into account that HE is always there and fall off the bandwagon a tad. But finding your way back to HIM is vital. HE always forgives.
Take a minute to think about where Jesus is in you and if he is getting smaller or bigger!

Where does Jesus fit in your life?

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