Sunday, June 27, 2010


It's no secret that I teach Sunday School and will become a teacher very soon. But the one pet peeve that REALLY sets me off is disrespect towards an adult. I could care less what the child did or whose at fault. I was raised to not talk back, be respectful towards adults, and to always use my manners.

Today I taught, tweens at my church, and the lesson included a craft activity to get the kids pumped about VBS which is this week. The girls were ALL into the craft activity but the boys, who are 4/5th graders, could have cared less. The other teacher and I gave them a choice to do the craft or not. BUT then they started horsing around and being really loud. SO they lost the choice and had to sit and do craft. This one child told me, after I pulled the play time, that he could do what ever he wanted and pulled out his computer.

Let me just say that I could care-LESS who the parent is or what influence they have on our church. You do not disrespect a teacher/adult and get away with it.

So I went over to the boy and told him to put his computer away. He started arguing with me and then I told him that I am not going to make a scene and he will follow directions. He complied but grumbled throughout the activity. As he was leaving, I told him that the computer would not come out during Sunday School again. He said "whatever," rolled his eyes, and said "I'm going to find a spot to plug in my computer." I chose to ignore his comments and stay positive.

Total disrespect from an 11 year old is not okay. Talking back, in my opinion, is not okay. This child has given the rest of the teachers trouble before with behavior/attitude and I simply will not stand for it. PERIOD. It may have been okay in the earlier years and seen as cute/smart but now he is going into sixth grade and has to stand by the rules like everyone else. PERIOD!

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