Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Now hush and...

go to Sleep!!!

When the rest of the family, besides me, is away. Our doberman, Paws, likes to whine, bark, pace, and mumble throughout the night. She is as sweet as can be BUT she does like to cause trouble at night.

On Sunday night, I was up until almost 2am with a barking dog. Last night, I was woken up, from a deep sleep, at 1:11am to the darn dog moaning and whining and barking. I trudged downstairs to see her just looking at me like as if she could say what did I do? Then at 2am, she jumped on my bed. She went through the gate and just hopped right up there. Paws is NOT allowed on the bed because she sheds and I am allergic to her hair.

It's a good thing she's cute because she would be in the dog house if she was not. Ugh..can you say tired?!?!

How'd you sleep last night???

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