Monday, April 5, 2010

NOT ME Monday

Good Monday sweet bloggers. Hope you had a fabulous Easter and are feeling good today. Hey I had to say something ;) Anywho, I am very grateful to MckMama for hosting this NMM affair so I can blab on myself this week ;)

** This morning, I did not have mini fruit rollups and coffee for breakfast. Nope, not me!

** This past week, I did not get an iPhone and fall in love with the ability to check Facebook, twitter, and my email all on the same screens. I am not very Apple savvy so it will be a learning experience indeed!

** This morning, I did not praise the Quest lab tech for getting my blood drawn without pain and with only one stick since I had lab work on Friday and came out as a pin cushion.

** This past week, I did not throw a temper tantrum with myself because I was a wee bit overstressed.

** This past week, I did not fall in love with The Nanny, Family Matters, and Roseanne since they are all on at weird times during the night when I am wide awake. ;)

So there ya have it! A simple yet juicy NMM!

Happy Monday!!!

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